On this episode of The Designer Within Podcast with John McClain, we are talking in-home interior design consultations. Consultations are the gateway to potential sales for any entrepreneur, especially those in creative fields. John McClain, in the latest episode of the Designer Within Podcast, unpacks his successful approach to client consultations, offering listeners a comprehensive 10-step guide. With his own business success as a testament, McClain emphasizes the value of treating each consultation as a decisive sales opportunity.

Setting clear legal expectations right from the beginning forms the bedrock of a successful consultation process. McClain advocates for the use of online scheduling systems to streamline the booking process, ensuring that clients are aware of what the consultation entails and what deliverables they can expect. This level of transparency not only sets the tone for the meeting but also weeds out those who may not be the right fit for your services.

A key takeaway from the podcast is the importance of preparation. McClain shares anecdotes and personal experiences, stressing that a well-prepared consultation can reveal insights into a client’s needs, preferences, and aspirations. This understanding is crucial for crafting tailored solutions that resonate with clients, making them more likely to commit to your services.

The use of a comprehensive design questionnaire is another strategy McClain recommends. This tool helps in extracting deeper insights from clients, insights that may not surface during a casual conversation. By understanding their lifestyle, hobbies, and entertainment preferences, creative entrepreneurs can propose designs that align closely with the client’s vision.


Moreover, McClain discusses the significance of leaving a lasting impression by providing printed materials and establishing a structured consultation process. These materials, which outline your processes and investment requirements, not only demonstrate professionalism but also act as a reference point for clients as they consider your services.

Following up promptly and setting clear next steps during the consultation are also crucial for maintaining momentum. McClain suggests setting a timer to wrap up meetings professionally and advises on the importance of tangible leave-behinds like books or branded items that reinforce a positive impression.

Finally, the episode emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to embody the role of a salesperson, adopting the mindset that selling is serving. By positioning themselves as the best solution for the client’s needs and conveying the unique value they bring to the table, creative entrepreneurs can turn consultations into a successful sale.

John McClain’s insights provide a valuable roadmap for creative entrepreneurs looking to revamp their consultation process. By following these steps, listeners can not only improve their consultation skills but also see a significant impact on their business growth and client relationships.

Listen to the Designer Within Podcast episode with John McClain to learn how to transform your consultations into a dynamic sales tool and unleash the full potential of your creative business.

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