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Time to take control of your design business & your life: right here-right now!

It's time to work less. It's time to live more. It's time to balance your passion for your interior design career with your social & family life.

More money, better projects, free time (gasp!), happy team members, clients who respect your time and value your talents, & projects that run like a well-oiled machine EVERY time.


You're that "go-getter, straight to the point, do-it-yourself,
I'm too busy for fluff so don't waste my time"  
kind of entrepreneur.
Just give you the tools & the knowledge and you're ready to implement. I mean, after all, we designers always do whatever it takes to get the job done for our clients, so I think it's time we do the same for ourselves.

that's where i come iN:


(and that's dolly)

Interior Designer, Author, Business Coach, Dolly Parton fanboy (duh!), and advocate for YOU!

Let's Do this together

Just like you, I've been there...
Cramming every ounce of work into the day, only to go to bed at night to wake up thinking of something I forgot. That feeling of trying to keep up with other "successful" designers when what I really wanted and needed was to keep my business manageable, profitable, and joyful.

That is until I totally changed the way I thought about and operated my interior design business once and for all. And now, I'm here to share it ALL with YOU so that you don't have to climb the ladder the hard way (like I did)!

Are you ready to take control of your small to medium sized design business the proven and profitable way?

Hi, I'm John

I'm obsessed with providing you with everything you need to be a Profitable, Productive, & Prosperous Interior Design Professional

you're in the right place


Feel you are stuck choosing between doing what you love and making the money you need to have the kind of life you want?

You're a boutique design firm with goals of growing revenue, running projects with ease and structure while still doing what you love (DESIGN)!

You have a true passion for design but you’ve struggled to build a profitable business around it?

Find it difficult to serve clients who are demanding, don’t pay well, with little appreciation for your hard work?

Find yourself struggling to bring in new clients or know if you will even make a profit for the ones you have?

Constantly feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and losing the love for the career that you once were so passionate about?

Design SUccess Academy

In this action packed program, we will address all of the important topics that you need to know to start/operate/grow your interior design business. No matter if you’re brand new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, you will learn exactly what you need to know to run your business profitably, successfully, and with less stress all based on my highly successful business model. 

I have mapped out each lesson for you to ensure you finish with no overwhelm and a business that runs like a well-oiled machine when you complete the Academy!

Introducing the

The Design Success Academy Is The Only Complete Interior Designer Business System Catered To Boutique Design Firms


My Exact Client Process

The Complete Client System that I use from the first client contact to the last fluff of the pillow. Clients and trades will love you and nothing will ever be overlooked again.


Self-Marketing Success

Marketing is my favorite thing to do, and now I'm going to share all my secrets with you. How to find clients, grow your brand, and develop partnerships & so much more!

Find the right team, the best trades, and the vendors who align with your values AND who will make your job easier, make you the most profit, and keep your clients happy.

Examine & enhance your mindset around money, clients, trades/vendors while finding your zone of genius & creating your own definition of success. You are worthy of it ALL!

This module can serve as a starting point for new businesses or as a refresh for industry veterans to ensure all of your business set up obligations are set up.

Learn the differences between a mission statement and a vision statement and the detailed steps as to how to create your own.


Choosing & Pricing Your Services

The Ultimate Guide To Finally Choosing WHAT Services You Sell & HOW To Price Your Offers. Including my Designer Calculator to price each project fast & easy!


Team/Trades & Vendors


The Leadership Mindset Made Easy

Business Foundation

Vision &
Mission Statements

Technology Made Easy

Tech is my friend and it will be yours too after I share the exact software and tech I use to run my boutique firm. It's like adding another team member without the salary!

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here's what you will learn:





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