You're great at your job. You generally know the steps you take on each project. So why does every new project feel like you are reinventing the system every time? It's all about the Systems & Processes! This is the backbone of any business, but especially for us interior designers.

I walk you step-by-step through all of the essential systems and processes you need to create the ideal client journey from first point of contact to the last fluff of the pillow. You will also learn my 18-Step Project Journey and the crucial phases to implement to ensure nothing is left out and your project is on time and on budget.

Also included: Team Processes and Downloads, Customizable Templates for everything from Purchase Orders to Client Approvals. I also include my customizable Asana templates downloads, prefilled with all of the details from the 18-Step Project Journey.

This course is essential to get your systems, processes, clients, team, vendors, and YOU on track for success!

The Ultimate Interior Design Project Journey System

From the first point of contact with a client to the last fluff of the pillow, I will provide every step for you to follow so you never miss one detail for renovations/new construction, furnishings & decor, or a combo of each!

This system is total turnkey!

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 The Ultimate Interior Design Project Journey System

7 Detailed Modules & 34 Lessons starting from first point of client contact to project completion!

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From the first point of contact with a client to the last fluff of the pillow, I will provide every step for you to follow so you never miss one detail for renovations/new construction, furnishings & decor, or a combo of each! This system is total turnkey!


My proven-to-work, complete 18 Step Project Journey System with explanations of every step. My firm uses this on every project!

The Project Journey System can be implemented as is or adjusted to fit your specific needs

DOZENS of downloads including full SOPs, Install Day Guide, In-Home Consultation Questionnaire, Trade Day forms, Blinds/Window Treatments Measuring Workbook, Custom Furniture Form, Purchase Orders & SO much more!

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) examples and templates to create your own

Onboard a new client efficiently and move your client through all phases of the Project Journey on schedule and for the planned investment

Procurement Made Easy! Use my process and templates to ensure that every product arrives as planned and is ready for installation

You're not a bank! My "plug and play" methods will ensure that you collect all funds before any work begins or any product is ordered.

Inside the Course

Over 100 Downloads & Templates!


The whole point of this course is to save you time and make you more money, and to that end, I have created so many downloads & templates for you to use as-is or customize to your own liking. I use these every day in my firm and it took years to organize. All you have to do is one click & you're off to the races!


The 18 Step Canva Project Journey Template
Post Discovery Call Scheduling Email
SOP: Discovery Call
Discovery Call Intake Form
Discovery Call Follow Up: A Good Fit Email
Discovery Call Follow Up: Not A Good Fit Email
Pre-Consultation Client Questionnaire 
Consultation Scheduling Confirmation Email
In-Home Consultation Questionnaire (Editable in Canva)
In-Home Consultation Questionnaire 
Consultation Intake Form (Editable in Canva)
Define your own successful consultation worksheet 
Consultation Kit Contents Info Sheet
In-Home Consultation SOP
Post Consultation Follow Up A Good Fit Email
Post Consultation Follow Up NOT A Good Fit Email
Scope of Work Template (Post Consultation)
Scope of Work pdf
SOP Blank Template
Client Investment Guide
SOP: Scope of Work Creation, Revision, Approval
Scope of Work example 
SOP: Client Proposal Creation & Approval
SOP: Design Agreement Creation
Full Client On-Boarding SOP containing the following:
Quickbooks Set Up
Welcome Email
Client Welcome Letter
Project Management Account Set Up
Client Inspiration Set Up Document
How To Create An Asana Project
How to Create a Slack Channel
How To Set Milestone Project Dates
FF & E Spreadsheet Tracker
Item Leaving Warehouse Form
Item Leaving Design Office Form
Vendor: Damaged Product Correction Request Form
Project Binder Cover
SOP Site Visit
Site Visit Form
Critical Site Visits Form
Receiver Delivery Request Form
Installation Day Checklist
Install Day Schedule & Contacts
Cleaning Request Form
Art Installation Request Form
Delivery/Moving Company Install Day Guidelines
Photographer Request Form
Client Installation Preparation Email 
Project Punchlist Sheet
Trade: Issue Correction Request Form
Photography SOP
Client Project End Thank You Email

Time Entry Categories Sheet
SOP: Inspiration Images Review & Follow Up
Inspiration Review Notes
Discovery Call Guide to Success
How We Work Documents Package
Welcome to Your Inspiration Book image/instructions
SOP: Site Survey
Site Survey Documentation Form
Existing Client Furnishings Tracker
Furnishings Investment Calculator
Site Survey Contents Kit 
Drapery Measurement Worksheet
Window Treatments, Upholstery, Bedding, Table Linens, Pillows Guide 
Custom Blinds Measurement Worksheet
SOP: Project Floor Plan Changes Recommendations
SOP: Project Direction Board Creation
Project Direction Board SOP PDF 
Project Direction Board Canva Template
Project Direction Board Example PDF 
Client Furnishings Investment Calculator
Client Furnishings Investment Approval Form
SOP: Trade Day: Before, During, After
Independent Contractor Request to Work Together Letter
Trade Day Canva Template
Trade Day Form Example 
Trade Day Schedule Form
Trade Day Expectation Form
Design Partner Expectations Sheet
CAD & Design Guidelines Sheet
Design Presentation Preparation Guidelines
Design Presentation Item Checklist 
Design Presentation Example
SOP: Client Invoicing and Payment of Approvals from Presentation & Next Steps
Procurement Management Tracker
Purchase Order (customizable)
SOP: Accessory/Styling Process
Styling Assessment Guide
Styling Estimate Approval Form
Accessory/Styling Inventory Sheet
Custom Elements Review
Project Installation Packet
Full Project Installation SOP
Simple Client Product Tracker
Handyman Request Form
Install Day: Trade Form
Installation Bag Checklist
Client Installation Guide: Renovation/New Construction
Client Install Day Reminder Email
Vendor: Damaged Product Correction Request Form
Project Closure SOP
Project Closure Letter
Photographer Request Form
Client Project Closure Questionnaire

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