This course is designed as a full year long experience of learning in preparation to apply in your own business after the course is completed. This is not a "quick-fix." This course also contains proprietary information and knowledge that I have learned over the course of my experiences and education. It also contains legal information that will be accessible to you. We ask that you be certain that this program is for you and that you are ready to commit to the learning, homework, and other educational opportunities involved. To that extent, we do not offer refunds on Design Success Academy and ask that you do your research fully before purchasing. Remember, this is a journey and you need to to give yourself the grace and time to begin to comprehend and absorb the information as well as time to become a part of the DSA community. Your business (and your life) will thank you for it!

Yes! I created this course as a price point to allow as many designers as possible to learn from it. That being said, I also allowed some parts of it to be optional components that are available for separate purchases as you wish. For example, you might not want or need to use my interior design agreement; but if you do, I make it available, as an option. I also have other components available as options such as my Asana template, hourly rate agreement, and Tradesperson agreement. This allows me to keep the entire Design Success Academy core components at a lower price while, allowing access to more deserving designers, and still allow you to decide if you need to add the other items as you learn through the course. You also have access to discounted rates on other programs or offers that I introduce inside DSA. It's a win-win!

Simply put, nope! You will have lifetime access to this course, downloads, and any updates that I add to enhance the course for as long as I offer it. However, I do want you to hold yourself accountable and to give yourself a definitive goal to set to work towards completion. Feel free to work at your own pace after you have access to all modules as well taking any breaks to revisit the material later if you need. BUT, I do encourage you to follow along the coursework as it's laid out and give it a shot for that method. It has been proven to work!

While the Design Success Academy provides all of the systems, processes, and implementation methods to work for any size firm, I realized that there is a real need for boutique design firms to gain assistance with operating their businesses. I created every module with easy-to-follow instructions that allows anyone to follow along and implement my turnkey process into their own firm-whether you're a solopreneur or you work with a small team.

I too run a boutique design firm and I know firsthand that everything I teach you works for my smaller team, but I also know now that the lessons would have worked perfectly for me when I started out as a solo business owner working in my spare bedroom. Everything in the Design Success Academy is exactly what you need without all of the BS that can sometimes clutter up other courses 🙂.

Who is the design success academy created for?

Do i have to complete the academy within a specific timeframe?

What is your refund policy?

Do i have the ability to add on other items if I need them?


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