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+ My Hourly Fee Design Agreement: Download my 20+ page hourly fee design agreement in Google Docs or Microsoft Word to edit as you wish and customize with your logo, address, etc. 

+ Video Intros: This is not just an agreement download, it includes full video course tutorials beginning with 1) Why You Need Clarity & Transparency In Your Agreement 2) How To Create Transparency & Clarity In Your Agreement 

+ My Exact 18 Step Design Process: I'm sharing with you the EXACT process that I use on all design projects! This is my "ride or die" process that leads my team and me through every project from start to finish. Included: Video walkthrough explaining the process!

+ Video Explanations: Additional Video Tutorials walking you through the entire agreement. This is the actual video that I send to clients who cannot meet with me in person! It will help you to better understand the agreement AND to explain it yourself to your own clients. Over an 1 1/2 hours of video explanations! 

+ Yours Forever: The course, the Agreement, and I are not going away! Take your time and implement as you like. 

+ Free Updates: You get free updates to The Hourly Rate Interior Design Agreement and all course materials if I should ever update.

Hourly Rate Interior Design Agreement

If you charge an hourly fee for your design services, you need a great agreement to support both you and your client. Well, look no further my friend. You have found THE hourly agreement for your firm... read on to find out why.

Perfect for Interior Designers, Home Stagers, & Any Related Industry!


A Peek Inside:

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I found out the hard way that an agreement is essential to a successful business.
(If you're wondering exactly how hard my lesson was, listen to this podcast episode to hear how and why this agreement came about).

After the lowest point in my business (and my life) and decided to pick myself up, dust myself off, and rebuild my design business from the ground up...starting with my agreement. Part of which became the one you are considering this very minute.

Working with several attorneys, clients, business coaches, and other designers that I trusted, I began to craft an agreement that covered as many topics as possible while protecting me, my business, my employees, my tradespeople, and my clients.

I vowed to never be in any situation where my agreement could not answer the question of how, what, or why. The result? A VERY detailed, easy to understand agreement that even my attorney design clients rave about! 

I'm so proud of this hourly rate agreement. It has been my business partner when I really needed one, and my solid rock to guide me through situations where clients wanted to call the shots. 

If this sounds familiar  and you want to run your projects with a structured process and a solid legal foundation, this could be the agreement for you too!

Never wonder again if you or your client have a complete understanding of how your work or how you charge.

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Price: $697

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