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+ The Designer Calculator: Download my custom made Designer Calculator that is completely editable! 

+ Calculates 1) Flat Fee for Total Project & by Room 2) Shipping/Freight 3) Sales Tax 4) Project Management

+ Square Foot Price: After you enter your information, you will have a square ft. price to then use to quickly estimate projects "on the fly" when you are in person on a consultation or meeting.

+ Video Course: A detailed 20+ minute video walk-through of how to set up and use the Designer Calculator so it's accurate for your clients and projects EVERY TIME!

+ Yours Forever: The course, the Calculator, and I are not going away! Take your time and implement as you like. 

+ Free Updates: You get free updates to the Designer Calculator and all course materials if I should ever update.

The Designer Calculator

Finally take the guesswork out of determining your design fee, project management fee, & more for your projects!

Perfect for Interior Designers, Home Stagers, & Any Related Industry!


A Peek Inside:

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Created BY a working Interior Designer: The Designer Calculator will take the guesswork out of pricing your design projects for a flat fee! (also works great for home staging or any related field).

I created this calculator to speed up the time and accuracy of pricing my own flat fee projects and it has cut the time for proposal creation in half (truly).

I will teach you how to set up the "back end" of your Designer Calculator with my detailed video explanation and then you're off to the races. Once you have it set up, you simply plug in the scope of work for your current client project to get an exact price for your flat rate design fee.

It even includes a calculation for determining your Project Management time and includes areas for products, taxes, freight/shipping, and more.

This will be the last time you have to reinvent the wheel every time a potential client calls you. Use my Designer Calculator to accurately, easily, & quickly calculate your flat fee now and forever.

You own the Calculator for lifetime. No renewal fees ever.

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